We have created them from our work in response to the needs of members and as part of our work with the APA Parents Group:

APA Maternity Policy

This sets out proposed maternity pay for employees (note, the policy applies to employees who have maternity rights in law only, not freelancers). It explains the statutory minimum (which the employer can recover from the Government) and proposes additional maternity pay based upon their length of service.

It also gives details of maternity leave entitlements, notices, what happens to pensions during maternity leave, keeping in touch days, provisions about changing the date of returning to work, rights to parental leave- everything you need to know as to how to comply with your legal obligations in respect of maternity.

Member companies with pregnant employees (and pregnant employees of APA members) ask?us?what their obligations are and how to meet them- this document answers that question and proposes and enables a process to treat pregnant employees/mothers on maternity leave fairly and well.

Flexible Working Policy

Flexible working policies help employers make the most of today’s diverse workforce. The guide is aimed at helping you to do that and to meet your legal obligations to consider flexible working requests. It helps employees whose personal circumstances mean that they need some flexibility in order to work and employers in enabling them to retain/access expertise and experience from those people.

It is to help APA members and employees avoid THIS type of lose/lose situation for Nathalie Turon, as she sought to restart her career as a creative after having children when the agency which made a job offer then withdrew it because Nathalie proposed leaving at?5pm?three days a week.